Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Naples, FL

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Naples, FL

HVAC Repairs Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Are you concerned about your home’s air quality? Plankey Air LLC offers repairs and maintenance to protect your home’s indoor air quality. Our technicians can address a variety of air cleaners, including:

  • Electrical attraction units
  • Electrostatic precipitating systems
  • Whole-house electrostatic precipitating systems
  • HEPA air cleaners
  • Clean air cabinets

We will make sure you’re breathing fresh air on a daily basis. Call 239-776-7671 today for air cleaner repairs in the Naples, FL area.

Fight Back with Ultravations Germicidal Lamps

Proactively Eliminating Harmful Bacteria From Your Home

Almost everyone knows that it is important to frequently change the air filter to remove dust. However, many people are unaware of the harmful bacteria floating in the air, invisible to the naked eye. A dirty air filter can negatively affect your air quality AND directly affect your respiratory health.

At Plankey Air LLC, we do more than change your air filter or maintain your HVAC. We are committed to improving the overall quality of life of all our clients, in any way possible. Upon request, we provide our customers with access to Ultravations Germicidal Lamps—ultraviolet systems that use cutting-edge technology to eliminate harmful bacteria from your home.

Combine our services with an Ultravations Germicidal Lamp and you will have a whole new perspective on the idea of ‘Fresh Air’.

Air Conditioning Service

Keep your air clean with regular maintenance

Sign up for our maintenance plan to keep your air clean on a regular basis. If you notice your house seems dustier or you’re having trouble breathing, you should call for air cleaner service. We’ll want to know how long it’s been since your system was cleaned. Contact Plankey Air today for reliable air cleaner repairs in Naples, FL.